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eMail OPTION Services : Exchange ActiveSync, CalDAV, CardDAV

What is Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), CalDAV, CardDAV?
Exchange ActiveSync (commonly known as EAS). It is and Add-on feature from that synchronizes your emails, contacts and calendar between Webmail and your Mobile Devices.
Exchange ActiveSync : Mail, Calendar, Contacts sharing
CalDAV . .: Calendar sharing protocol
CardDAV : Addressbook sharing protocol.

How can I set it up and any fee ?
CalDAV and CardDAV is Free of
charge services
EAS is an Add-on feature, it charge HK$5/mth/user
. (
Order Form) and you can use t
hose features

Below is few device Quick Screen Capture about EAS Setting
for details setting, please visit our support site instruction link

Outlook 2013/2016 Exchange ActiveSync Quick Setup Capture


Apple IOS: iPhone Exchange ActiveSync Quick Setup Screen


Android Mobile Exchange ActiveSync Quick Setup Screen Capature


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