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eMail OPTION Services : iFiles Services

iFiles Services
Storage from 1GB to 1000GB (1TB) Files Sharing for Business
File Sharing from anywhere, any computer
Send 100Mb attachment to your customer
Allow your client upload 100Mb files to you
Different User Level Permission Control
iFiles is an OPTION Services for Existing eMail customer

This iFiles Service is for

Please contact us if required
a demo a/c

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  • iFiles is an OPTION Services for Existing eMail Customer
  • Storage below is charge per domain name
  • 50% Special Discount only for This Month
iFiles Storage
Monthly Charge
Order Form
Basic Plan
5GB iFiles
Free of Charge
Business Plan
10 GB iFiles
Price HK$56/mth

Business Plan
25 GB iFiles
Price HK$136/mth

Business Plan
50 GB iFiles
Price HK$256/mth
SPECIAL HK$128/mth

Business Plan
100 GB iFiles
Price HK$396/mth
SPECIAL HK$198/mth

Business Plan
250 GB iFiles
Price HK$596/mth
SPECIAL HK$298/mth

Business Plan
500 GB iFiles
Price HK$996/mth
SPECIAL HK$498/mth

Business Plan
1TB iFiles
Price HK$1,596/mth
SPECIAL HK$798/mth

iFiles Feature Information
  Groupmail : iFiles Feature:

File/Photo Sharing
login to your webmail and share your files/photo within your team from anywhere any computer

Send BIG Files
eMail 100Mb files to your client easily
Received BIG Files
Allow your client send 100Mb BIG files to you easily

iFiles Stats
Check your client download status and user storage usage.

iFiles Permission for the team :
Seven Permission control for each of the user :
upload, download, copy, move, send mail, deleted, create folder
128 bit SSL data encryption support
SSL 128-bit end-to-end data encryption used during all sessions
Public Download/Upload Password/ Expired Date Protected.
Photo Gallery Display
Auto create small thumbnail for jpg or gif images files.

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