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News about .cn domain name

New domain name registration (temporary unavailable)

The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has implemented new registration requirements. Effective from Dec 14 2009, only businesses will be allowed to register .CN domain names, and they will be required to submit a formal paper-based application at the time of registration. The CNNIC will need to receivethis information within 5 calendar days of the online registration.

If CNNIC does not receive the application form and supporting documentation (including personal ID) within 5 calendar days of the submission of the online application for the domain name, OR the documentation provided does not pass CNNIC's audit requirements within 5 calendar days of the submission of the online application for the domain name, then the application will be deleted.

Required documentation for ALL applications includes:

a) The "domain name registration application form" , with the seal of the business and signature of a representative from the business. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Admin contact ID, Technical contact ID, Payment contact ID and Representative (Registrant ID on the hard copy application form) MUST match the information provided in the fields during the online application for the domain name.

b) A photocopy of the B/R: business license. "Business license" means the official document of the business, company or organization (such as company or organization registration).

c) A photocopy of the applicant's personal ID. Acceptable personal ID may include a copy of a driver's license, passport or resident card/ID.

If you would like more information about this policy change, please visit the CNNIC website by using the link provided below:

English Version :
Chiense Version :

Pls Note the Domain Name Registration Fee CANNOT be REFUND after processing even success or fail finally.

The above information comes from CNNIC. All relevant information refers to the latest news announced by CNNIC

Should you have any enquiry. please contact us at (852) 2579-1190

Best Regards

Registered Domain Name :

CNNIC announced that they will reserve the right to audit all the .cn domains which were registered before 14th December, 2009. They will request the current registrant, despite commercial or individual, to provide relevant documents for verification.

If the authenticity, accuracy, and integrality of the domain name registration information are not qualified. The .cn domain name will be deleted if the information remains unqualified after the given due date.

Customers have the responsibility to ensure all the information is correct and complete. All the audition is China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC)'s internal procedure; ABCHK would not guarantee any success of application. If the application failed, the paid amount (including the registration fee, renewal fee and handling fee) will not be refunded.

For further details of .cn domain registration and the policy of website content for .cn domain, please refer to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) website: or

Should you have any enquiry. please contact us at (852) 2579-1190

Best Regards

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